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pCloud Premium
iPhone screenShots for Version 1.7
New Features:
  • New UI
  • Fixed all reported issues with Google Drive, SkyDrive
  • Fixed the login issue that some users were having with the Pogoplug service
  • Google Drive is fully supported, i.e., you can rename files and create, copy and delete folders
  • Transfer files from multi accounts to a single account simultaneously (in - App purchase, it costs $1.99)
  • View local files in external applications
  • This is the interface for the search engine (You get to this screen if you click on the second tab) Besides the addition of a colorfull interface, everything seems to be the same. Did you notice anything new?

    Did you see the file cabinet? If you enable it (click on the "Enable" button), you can transfer files by dragging and then dropping them into that file cabinet!!! You can simultaneously transfer files from different accounts and different folders to a folder in an account. As simple as that. The number on the file cabinet shows the number of files that you added to that file cabinet.

    Once you are ready to transfer your files, double tap on the file cabinet and you will see a screen similar to the one on the right.

    Here you see the selected files, grouped by account. If you change your mind, you can change the performed action by tapping on that row. If you swipe your finger accross a row you can remove that file or all the files from that account.

    Click on "Next" to select the account and the folder that you would like to transfer the selected files to. The procedure is similar to the one that transfers files from a single account to another account, and we will not repeat it here.

    Please note, that you need to refresh the list of files everytime you transfer a file.

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