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pCloud Premium
ScreenShots for Version 1.2
New Features:
  • Local storage (off-line usage)
  • Open local doc, pdf and image files
  • Search for a certain file in all cloud services
  • Did you notice the five tabs?

    The second tab which is currently selected, provides an easy tool to search for a certain file in all the cloud services. Click on the service to see its contents, click on a folder to see the file(s) or folder(s) that it contains.

    Did you notice the refresh button at the top of the screen. Click on that button to scan the cloud service(s) that you are currently connected to. You may click on that button as often as you like, but you need to click on that button when you connect to a cloud service that you were not previously connected to or when you add or delete a file or folder. Please keep in mind that this process may take some time, and it does require access to the Internet.

    Use the search bar to search for a certain file. The application will give a list of all the file(s) that match the keyword.

    Everytime you would like to learn more about a file, long press on that row

    Now, you can save files to your iPhone for off-line usage.

    Here we see the files that are saved on the iPhone.

    Depending on the file type, you can view a certain file by simple clicking on that file.

    The supported file types are: doc, pdf, images

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