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pCloud Premium

The Mac version of the Rainbow application has the same features with the iOS version. The interface is different from the one for the iPad or the iPhone device, but, all the action buttons are either in the toolbar or in places which are visible to the user.

In version 3.2 you can see the available space for each account

In version 2.4 the drag & drop feature is greatly enhanced, as you can can drag any file / folder and drop it in any folder. The feature to create multi accounts is now available for free.

In version 2.1 we fixed some minor issues that were discovered in version 2.0

In version 2.0, we created a new layout to browse files and folders. Also, a user can simultaneously transfer files from different accounts to a single account / folder, and can share files from different accounts with a link. Please, visit the section "File Sharing" for instructions on how to share files

In version 1.3, the application supports the "Mediafire" cloud service.

In version 1.2, the application supports the "Dropbox" cloud service.

In version 1.1, the application supports the "Box" cloud service, and the user can transfer files from and to the computer.

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