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pCloud Premium
Version 3.0

Has the following features:

  • New, easy to use UI (go to Screenshots tab)
  • Use Tasks to simulatenously tranfer files / folders from differnt account(s) to the selected account and folder
  • Preview the progress of a task. Eash finished task is logged so that you later review it
  • Added a Settings screen to control many things like date format, size format, etc.
  • Fixed a bug in the Sync code, but also updated the code to handle the case of a conflict. By conflict we mean files which have the same name in both folders. Depending on the selection in the Settings screen, the app ignores these files (default selection) or keeps the newest or the oldest file

Version 2.7

Has the following features:

  • New services:
    • MEGA
    • Onedrive for Business
  • Can copy an entire account
  • Can download files from the Internet and save them locally or on the cloud
  • Re-order the list of services (tap on the button with the 3 horizontal lines)

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