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File Sharing

All versions (iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac) support the feature to share files with a link. The process is even simpler than the one to transfer files from one cloud service to another, as it requires from the user to select the files and then switch to the "Share" tab and tap on the "Share" button. Then, once the user selects the time period that the files will be available for, an email client will appear to send the email.

Supported cloud services

Currently, you can share files from the following five cloud services:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • MediaFire
  • OneDrive
  • OneDrive for Business
  • ShareFile
  • SugarSync

In the Web version and Mac version you can also share local files.

You can share up to 100MB* data of files, and you can share files from different accounts in the same link. The shared files will be available for up to 11 days! Once this time period is expired, the link will no longer be available, and the files will be deleted from our server. Because the files can now be shared for a long period of time, we store them on our server.

The person who receives your email can download the files if (s)he has the Rainbow application installed on the device. If that person does not have a supported device or even if (s)he wishes to save the files on his/her PC, a web version is also available at Share Files with Rainbow application

How to share files
For iOS

The process is similar to the one for transferring a file / folder. The only difference is that now you select to "Share" that file. Once you are done with the files that you want to share, double tap on the cabinet and follow the instructions.

For Android

We offer two different mechanisms to share your files: The first one is similar to the one for searching a file, and thus you can use a key-word to search for a file in the connected cloud services (only for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for business and Sugarsync). If you have never used the search engine before, you need to switch to the "Search" tab and hit the refresh button. Once this process is over, go back to the "Share" tab and drag & drop the files that you wish to share to the file cabinet.

The second mechanism is similar to the one to transfer files: Initially, you select the cloud account and then you tap on the file to bring the action menu up. If you have selected an account from the supported services, the menu contains the "Share" button. Once you tap on that button, the "Share" action will appear for a couple of seconds and then it will disappear. Still, that file is added to your file cabinet.

In order to share your selected files you switch to the "Share" tab, and you tap on the file cabinet. A new window appears which shows all the files grouped by account. You can remove a file by taping on the "x" button. When you are done, you tap on the "Share" button to share the files. A new dialog will appear asking you to select the time period that you want these files to be available for. Currently, the maximum time period is 4 hours. After the encryption is over, you can send an email with the link to shared the files.


We take security seriously, and we have taken all the necessary steps to protect your data. This means that not only the entire communication is secure, but also the link is encrypted. Nonetheless, as you well know, nothing is secure on the Internet, and thus you should be extremely careful about who you send that email and what files you are sharing. Also, it is wise to set a password and protect your files. You set that password when you select the time period that the files will be available for.

*Rainbow account

It is free to create a Rainbow account. When you create this account you can share files with a total size of 300MB. You can upgrade that account and share files with a total size of 10GB. More importantly, you can see which files you are sharing, and when their link will expire.

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